Frank Gotthardt

Frank Gotthardt became a pioneer of IT in the healthcare sector in his days as a computer scientist. He built the CompuGroup Medical SE up from nothing and has continued to lead and shape the company since its founding. His vision is to help people be in the know about their own health, to hold an informative conversation with doctors and pharmacists and also to find enjoyment in taking preventative measures and in their healthcare. Today, 400,000 customers and approximately 4200 employees worldwide have put their trust in CompuGroup Medical SE. Frank Gotthardt is also the Regional Chairman of the Economic Council of Rhineland-Palatinate, a member of the Federal Executive Board and Deputy Chairman of the Federal Commission for Health.

Prof. Dr. Daniel Gotthardt

Prof. Dr. Daniel Gotthardt is an assistant medical director at the Medical Clinic IV and in charge of the sector for liver transplantation at the Heidelberg University Hospital, where he started working as a medical assistant in 2004. He studied in Heidelberg and obtained his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research and the Imperial College in London. In 2011, PD Dr. Daniel Gotthardt completed his habilitation in internal medicine.

Dr. Tim Züwerink

Dr. Tim Züwerink is CEO of Gotthardt Healthgroup AG. Before he served as Senior Vice President of CompuGroup Medical SE and as project manager for McKinsey & Company, Inc., in their Frankfurt office, focusing on healthcare.

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