Digital Health Insights 3/2015

Have you ever been at a concert, sports game or public event where, suddenly, you felt like belonging to a bigger group, to a family of strangers?

This is the feeling of belonging to a community that shares the same interests, preferences and sometimes even the same values. In healthcare, it is especially important for people with chronic diseases, life-threatening illnesses or exceedingly rare diseases to find such communities.

In this issue of Digital Health Insights, we have asked community experts how they target the challenges of communication, motivation, problem solving and adherence within their communities. Ilka Gdanietz from mySugr, our Austrian portfolio company, engages with the community to gain insights into the usage of the mySugr products. Katja Kozyrkova, who is in charge of the performance marketing at Mediteo, explains the most common patterns within communities. And Thomas Keup, responsible for marketing and public relations talks about the benefits of the HealthNatives community for people with chronic diseases.

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Profilfoto Katja