Digital Health Insights 2/2015

We are demotivated when we are frustrated, unhappy or disillusioned. Yet the reality is, that health has its price and we need to stick to the rules in order to overcome the unhealthy, global lifestyle that is threatening our society, showing itself in rising numbers of obesity patients, lack of medication adherence or missed medical checkups.

One of the things most valuable to us, our health, leaves us with close to no intrinsic motivation, as there is no immediate gratification for our actions. Instead, it is a conscious long-term choice to lead a healthy life, based on knowledge and the availabilty of information. If we look at nutrition and diabetes for example, neither does one healthy meal lead to immediate results (plus you suffering cravings and the lack of food gratification), nor is the constant sting of insulin injections a great motivation to work on a steady glucose level. But those who have overcome initial demotivation testify how much their quality of life has improved since. So there must be a point in our health chronology, a moment of understanding and a moment where we begin to build new goals, realising that our decisions will have a great impact on our individual future.

In this edition of Digital Health Insights, motivation is the key topic. Experts in design, game and healthcare shine a light on the intial spark of interest that persuades us to make healthy choices and the power of discipline and motivation which keeps us going, conquering our renowned weaker self. Which tools can be applied in healthcare? How can gamification lead to better results in Digital Health? These are some of the questions answered, illustrated by up-to-date examples.

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